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Still thinking of what to post today? …

… or you just don’t like to post on Social Media? We can assist! No matter how hard you try, you just can’t seem to get that post in on time, and there goes another day of silence on the social media side of your business. You’re hip, you’re in-the-know of things, but if your potential clients see how long ago you posted last, they might get the impression that something is wrong with your business, or that you’re uninterested in connecting with your readers … aka: potential buyers and clients. Yes … I have watched all three seasons of Miss JJ on N-e-t-f-l-i-x and absolutely loved it!

You can be consistent and interesting …

… yes, Sandra Dee Adamack can help you look consistent, interesting, even charming and chatty online. Whatever the vibe, we can help.

Learn more about our Social Media Management Plans, Brand, and Personal Brand Images at

Pricing …

→ Social Media Management 3-Month Plan starts at $900+ CAD per Platform

Please contact Sandra for detailed pricing information and to check availability

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Increased brand online awareness will increase leads, customers, and website traffic. It also adds credibility to who you are with an ongoing “almost live” feed that reaches authentic interested potential clients.

Having active social media accounts will always attract potential leads. That’s why we pay attention to your brand, stay aligned with with your brand statement, goals, and mission to realistically represent you with integrity, honesty, and of course, creativity.

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