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A Half-Day Shoot …

… that Assists Local Entrepreneurs. A professional Personal Brand Photo Session is a positive and empowering experience, and that’s important for every self-employed business owner who juggles sales, marketing, appointment setting, customer service, CEO, and accounting all wrapped into day-to-day entrepreneur lives.

We personalize your Session …

… offering guidance and knowledge to stay on brand, be consistent, and show your customers a unique and attractive “look and feel” that is recognizable. We break it down into 3 stages: Discovery, Preparation, and Organization of the Photo Shoot. With these 3 stages in place, the results of each shoot are amazing and produce consistent on-brand photos that can be used for website, social media, and advertising needs and more.

Get visually appealing …

… branded media that is recognizable and will set you apart from your local and online competitors. When you know who your are, your followers understand your message, they get to know who you are. Have you put off polishing up your brand? Has time got in the way of cleaning up your online messaging? Does one social media account say one message, and another account says a different, more unclear message? Sandra Dee Adamack can help with bringing clarity to your Brand.

Pricing …

→ Half-Day Photo Session starts at $499+ CAD

→ Brand Photography Portrait Sessions start at $299+ CAD, and includes eight (8) high-resolution edits, and extra A-La-Carte images start at $65+ CAD

→ Head Shot Session Fees start at $150+ CAD, and A-La-Carte images start at $65+ CAD

Please contact Sandra for detailed pricing information and to check availability.

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A Personal Brand Photography Session focuses on communicating your brand, your image, how you want your customers and clients to recognize you. It’s a great way to introduce yourself to the online melting pot of business opportunities and your perfect clients. It integrates your brand message within your images, describes a customer experience, displays the ease of use of products, and of course … includes YOU within the business story. A portrait session is all about you as a person as of that day, and less about business.

We adore high-key fashion photography, including movement and emotion. We usually set our photo studio lighting to a bright scene. We can also produce a dark and moody studio environment if the client requests it in advance.

We can send you a “Photo Session Check List” following your confirmed booking with us, or you can download it from the link above. Just provide your name and email address for an instant download.

We offer both studio shoots and on-location outdoor shoots right now. There is also a possibility of an outdoor spot at my building parking lot area for fast, professional headshots using a portable backdrop if preferred during Covid (weather permitting).

Plan on being yourself. You may also download our “Photo Session Check List” to assist with your planning. It all depends on what the priorities are for each photo session. Every company and business owner is a unique individual, has a distinct personality, and their products or services have their particular style.

Yes, we can provide an HMUA to get styled at the photo studio right before your photoshoot. Additional fees apply.

There may well be 40-80+ images to choose from, that come out of a 4.5-hour Personal Brand Photo Session. It’s a half-day that is jam-packed with planned scenarios, props and wardrobe changes, performed in a quick and timely manner. There is no lounging during a Half-Day Personal Brand Photography Session. The client usually receives many high-resolution images ready for cropping and filtering to their heart’s content. This package is perfect for entrepreneurs and small business owners who need an immediate boost to their print and online visual designs, websites, blogs, and social media accounts. With the 40-80+ images, you may alter them, crop particular items, and colourize them to look very different. It just multiplies its value many times over. A Personal Brand Photo Session is a valuable investment for a new startup or small business rebrand.

Product limitations depend on product size and how similar they are. We try to include as many unique perspectives of your business as possible, offering a full range of “who you are” information to your visitors and followers. We would discuss and preplan how to manage your half-day shoot and create a Shot List to make sure that we include everything needed to complete your photo session. Check out our “Photo Session Check List” to learn more.

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It’s always awesome to connect with local small business owners. I look forward to helping our White Rock business community with my knowledge and support.