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Corporate Headshots

Investing in a great head shot creates an abundance of opportunities to be noticed for all the right reasons. Be proud and confident of your personal brand. Whether you’re a small business owner, a job-seeker, employer or employee … your updated headshot will work favorably in all aspects of life. Great for social media profiles too. A local Hair and Makeup Artist is available upon request.

Brand Portraits

Strategy and Brand go hand in hand. Who a person is, through online eyes, has a lasting impression on your potential clients and/or customers. Actual and real photos created for sharing who your company is, how you spend your days, offer social proof you are a real person, and promotes trust. Increasing trust will encourage your followers to engage, purchase services, and buy merchandise from you. When you walk out of a room, what do people really say about you? What’s your Personal Brand on your website & social media?

Actor Headshots / Set Stills

Actors, Performers, and Musicians all need to look their best online and off. Proper Brand Photography is expected from your fans and followers. With Sandra’s guidance, she will professionally capture your true brand. as a creator and performer.

See more of our head shots at Sandra Dee Adamack Portfolio

Pricing …

→ Head Shot Session Fee starts at $150+ CAD
→ A-La-Carte Images start at $65+ CAD each
→ Expert Image Editing | $180+ CAD

Please contact Sandra for detailed pricing information and to check availability.

Professional Headshots

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Sincere expression, as apposed to nice fake smile. The camera detects it, there’s no fooling your audience. We help and guide you along the way to be in the zone with your sincerity and enable you to master your photo session like a pro.

No, not all clothing is particularly favorable for a photo session. Large stripes or loud prints make your head shot dated and the patterns detract from you face, expression, and the twinkle in your eyes. We will assist and guide you through the process of preparing your wardrobe for your shoot. Check out our “Photo Session Checklist” to learn more.

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It’s always awesome to connect with local small business owners. I look forward to helping our White Rock business community with my knowledge and support.