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Easy design process …

… for entrepreneurs through simple communication, informational discussions, and a mindful focus on a results-based design process.

Small business owners …

… can rest assured that their project will run smoothly and expectedly.

Pricing …

Our Graphic Design rates are dependent on the project, and usually start between $85-$105/hour. Please contact Sandra for detailed pricing information and to check availability.

Logo Design for Small Business

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Yes, we specialize in custom logo design. Even if you have a present logo, you may need rebranding, and so your logo will probably need updating or a complete new design. Call us to inquire what’s best to increase your 2022 income. We offer free Discovery Calls.

We think that your visual identity is very important, and the quality of your logo can represent your level of standards in your business. When potential clients see a cheap, low-quality logo, they will expect cheap, low-quality service given to them. We ensure that you will have superb visual appeal to anyone viewing your logo in our projects. We think it matters.

Yes, of course. We offer many perks for our clients, with support and guidance as just a few of them. If you wish to acquire visual keys, guidelines, and preconceived assets, then please check out La Mini Brand Kit right here on our website.

In most cases, a Brand Questionnaire is requested to provide information about your company, who you are, what path your company is on, and determines if you are actually in tune with your projected direction. Basically, it really helps us serve you better.

If you have all the text (keyword-rich and spellchecked), and you have all the photos to include (high resolution >2400px shortest side), and you have the payment available, then it may take as fast as 3-days or less to complete your Poster Project. Verify my availability before scheduling the hard due date.

Yes, Sandra is an experienced photo editor and graphic designer. If you have an example of a similar project, this will ensure the direction the artwork will result in.

Absolutely yes, Sandra can create web files perfect for your website usage. Depending on your branding, we will compliment any pre-existing layouts you have, or create something fresh and new. We can also provide product photography and editing for eCommerce websites.

When a digital file is printed on paper, it is printed with ink on paper. Ink is deposited on paper with lots of tiny dots of colour. The actual printing process reduces the quality of the logo. Scanning the printed logo will capture a blurry, dotted version of your logo. If you need a logo recreated by computer to get back the quality from a printed example, this may be possible with our Graphic Design services.

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