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While capturing the essence of entrepreneurs within their business environment, strong focus on behind-the-scenes images, product photography, and on location event documentation can be created to disclose authentic brand to potential and existing clients and customers.

We specialize in:
Personal Brand Photography
Head Shots
Product Photography

→ Brand Photography Session Fees start at $130+ CAD, and A-La-Carte images start at $55+ CAD.

Please contact Sandra for detailed pricing information and to check availability.

Sandra Dee Adamack at Dee Graphiques

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Photography that denotes your brand, your image, how you want your customers and clients to recognise you. For example: if you are wearing slippers in most of your website photos, but your services are perfect for prestigeous female office workers who wear high-heels all the time, than your photography on your website is not correctly On-Brand. You’re targeted customer will not actually be office workers, but stay-at-home slipper-lovers. If your text content is talking to office workers and your images are communicating with stay-at-home workers, there will be confusion when visiting your website, social media accounts, and viewing your marketing materials. Brand Photography portrays the YOU that you need to show your audience, to get the results you want in a focused, consistent manner.

Yes, of course. If you live locally you can easily drop them off and reclaim them after the shoot. If you live across the country, you may ship them at your own cost, and include shipping fees for us to send them back to you if needed.

We recommend booking at least 7-days prior to your photo session (with payment for photo session completed).

Yes, we offer professional guidance during the photo session and also preplan the photo session with you to get the most out of your time in front of the camera. Your wardrobe, makeup and hairstyle are discussed well in advance … suggestions offered … and it all comes together on the day of the shoot, with hardly any surprises apart from how awesome you will look in the photos.

Session fee pricing will be charged, and you can buy as many photos as you like from the photo session. Images are sold individually. Yes, you can buy just one (1) head shot.

Anywhere between a Half-Day to 30-minutes, depending on how many wardrobe changes there are, and if you need a HMU artist previous to your shoot. For Half-Day Shoots, preplanning is crucial for capturing as many scenarios as possible.

One person only for now, during Covid, can enter the photo studio at one time. Single subjects can have a 30-minute to 4.5-hours limitation, depending on the type of photo session during Covid. Half-Day Personal Brand Photography sessions are preplanned and scheduled in advance, ensuring safety for everyone. Guest are welcome during on-location outdoor photo sessions.

Depending on a few details about your images, we may be able to help you. Please fill in our Contact Form explaining what types of files need editing, and how you plan to use your photos, and we’ll let you know if editing or retouching them is possible.

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