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When you need a website …

… and you need it fast, this is THE perfect solution. A methodic and consistent build schedule will take merely seven (7) days in ALL to complete.

An early start is necessary …

… to gather all, I mean A-L-L content, and enables an efficient steady-paced development strategy that will excite, impress, and inspire confidence to launch ON-TIME.

We specialize in …

… Elementor Page Builder within WordPress. Please consult with us if you need another page builder.

Pricing …

→ WordPress 7-Day Launch Informational Responsive Website Design (2-10 pages) starts at $1900+ CAD

Our Website Design rates are dependent on the project, and usually start between $85-$105/hour. Please contact Sandra for detailed pricing information and to check availability.

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We use Elementor as the Page Builder, and use Elementor-friendly templates (some are free and some need to be purchased additionally) … it’s up to you to decide your budget. With all the content collected in advance (we guide you with that), designing can be quite smooth, as long as you remain eagerly available to assist with questions along the way during those crucial 7-days.

Your soft deadline is the amount of flexibility we have to finish the project. If you already have a website, and you want to switch to a new or improved version, your soft deadline would be sufficient to provide.

Even though the pricing is quite clear, was this the budget you visualized, and do you know the value of the WordPress 7-Day Launch. Time is money, and every day that you are not selling, your are losing money as far as we see it. Investing in a quick strategy which is a well though-out and professionally planned brand design CAN BE quickly produced.

Yes and no. Yes we can build it, but not in 7 days.

Of course, the website remains yours to do what you wish with. If you need regular WordPress maintenance and content updates, we offer plans that are sized perfectly for small business.

Your hard deadline is the amount of dates that are locked in so we must finish the project on time. If you don’t have a website, and you already have dated promotions set up, or events booked, your hard deadline would be very important to provide.

From a quote, to a contract reviewal, to a contract signing, to a 50% prepayment, to a website content gathering period, and then to a 7-Day website designing and developing stage, testing and approvals. This is our process.

It all starts with a quote.

You may most certainly maintain your own website. This WordPress website always belongs to you, the owner. After the WordPress 7-Day Launch is completed, you may edit it as you wish.

If you want WordPress Website Support and Maintenance help, we do offer plans that are perfect for our small business clients.

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It’s always awesome to connect with local small business owners. I look forward to helping our White Rock business community with my knowledge and support.