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An easy-to-use Style Guide …

… for all your Entrepreuneur DIY Needs. Our personalized Brand Kit is an easy-to-use and understandable guide to stay on brand, be consistent, and show your customers a stable “look and feel” that is recognizable. 

Benefits We Can Offer Your Business

A professional Brand Kit is an overall time-saver, and that’s important for every self-employed business owner who juggles sales, marketing, appointment setting, customer service, CEO, and accounting all wrapped into day-to-day entrepreneur lives.

Colors + Fonts + Styles

We break it down into four (4) elements: colors, fonts, graphic styles, and photo styles. With these four (4) elements in place, the simplicity of designing an ad, or a website banner becomes a pleasure for entrepreneurs with little time to dedicate to design.

Get visually appealing

Invest in branded media that is recognizable and will set you apart from your local and online competitors. When you know who your are, your followers understand your message, they get to know who you are.

Create a consistent brand

Are you ready to attract your perfect tribe, followers, fans, customers or clients? Has time got in the way of cleaning up your online messaging? Does one social media account say a message, and another account says a different unclear message?

Sandra Dee Adamack can help with bringing clarity to your Brand

take a look at our own Brand Style Guide ↓


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La Mini Brand Kit | Ensuring that your Brand Identity is Consistent | Dee Graphiques

→ La Mini Brand Kit starts at $299+ CAD

Our Graphic Design rates are dependent on the project, and usually start between $85-$105/hour. Please contact Sandra for detailed pricing information and to check availability.


Yes, even if you already have a logo that you love, Sandra can still build a brand kit that will be customized and perfect for your small business.

La Mini Brand Kit is a miniature version with a small price focussed on big value. We discover the meaning of your business, how you want to communicate with your customers/clients, and wrap it all up in an easy-to-follow quick-glance guide for entrepreneurs to maintain a consistent look, feel, and message throughout their online presence and print media. The average length of time to create a new brand kit would be anywhere between 3 and 14 days, depending on client availability.

Perhaps what you already have is sufficient, but we can provide an everyday tool that you can use for your website, advertising, social media, and lots more. It’s a guideline for self-employed DIYers that elevates your visual appeal and attracts the right clients. Now, who doesn’t want that?

Both. We can provide a printed version perfect to place on your office desktop (some mount it in a frame to hang on their office wall). The digital version can be either a pdf file, a computer wallpaper, or a Powerpoint presentation. What would you use the most? That’s what we will provide for you.

Flexibility is needed to try new things. If you’re looking for a brand kit, then obviously something presently is not working for you. A font that fits with your brand should attract the right buyers.

After filling out a Brand Questionnaire, and asking questions pertaining to your business, we assemble sets of colors that express and relate to your business the best. Colors can have meanings, moods, and can set a tone … so you’ll want your colors to be complimentary to your services and products in a meaningful way.

We start with a questionnaire, and we also have several discussions. I do research and share my results. We streamline the information through a few additional online meetings, and then … I design your brand kit in the size and format most suitable for you (print/digital). La Mini Brand Kit is more affordable than a full-package brand kit. It provides just enough information to help small business owners “up their game” and create a consistent and identifiable visual identity that will attract the right customers and clients.

Some entrepreneurs will use it every day, and some may use it twice a week. You will create your personalized schedule. La Mini Brand Kit is a tool to assist small business owners with their website, advertising, and social media accounts. It’s a guideline for colours, fonts, and graphic styles that will streamline your tasks.

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It’s always awesome to connect with small business owners, near and far. I look forward to helping our online business community with my knowledge and support.


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