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Building a WordPress or Wix website in seven days can be a challenging task, but it's achievable with careful planning and execution. Here are the daily tasks for the web designer and client to create a functional and beautiful WordPress website within a week.

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Day 1: Preplanning and Design Concept

The first day is crucial in setting the tone and direction of the project. The designer needs to meet with the client to discuss the goals, vision, and style of the website. The client should provide the designer with all the necessary content such as text, images, videos, and any other materials that will be included on the website. They should also provide keywords, long-tail phrases, corporate colors, present logo in a high-resolution digital format, corporate fonts, and brand style guide if they have one. The designer should then create a design concept for the website and present it to the client for approval.


Day 2: Site Architecture and Wireframe Design

Once the design concept is approved, the designer should begin creating the site architecture and wireframe. The site architecture includes the navigation and content hierarchy, while the wireframe is a blueprint for the website’s layout and design. The client should review and provide feedback on the site architecture and wireframe.


Day 3: Choose the theme and begin Development

On the third day, the designer should choose a suitable WordPress theme based on the client’s needs and preferences. Then, the designer can start developing the website, including adding plugins and customizing the theme as needed. The client should be updated on the progress of the website development.


Day 4: Create Content and Optimize for SEO

On the fourth day, the designer should create and optimize content for the website. This includes adding text, images, videos, and other relevant materials. The designer should also optimize the content for search engines by including keywords and long-tail phrases provided by the client. The client should review the content and suggest changes if needed.


Day 5: Finalize Development and Testing

On the fifth day, the designer should finalize the website development and test it thoroughly to ensure it’s functioning correctly. The designer should also optimize the website for speed and security. The client should review and approve the final version of the website.


Day 6: Launch and Promotion

On the sixth day, the designer should launch the website and promote it on various platforms. The client should provide necessary login credentials for domain and hosting, social media accounts, and other online platforms.


Day 7: Final Touches and Training

On the final day, the designer should make final touches to the website and provide training to the client on how to use and update the website. The designer should also hand over all relevant documentation and files to the client.

It’s important to note that the schedule must be respected to align with the planned daily steps. If any delays occur, it may impact the website’s final quality and delivery time. Therefore, both the client and designer should work together to ensure a successful project delivery.

7-Day Launch Website Design is available for the months of November through December 2023. We have an affordable 5-Page package package to get your business online fast and conveniently.

Pricing: $1,900 CAD

Next available booking:
-> November 27, 2023 | launches Dec. 6, 2023

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