Sandra Dee Adamack at Dee Graphiques

🎓 AEC in Computer Graphics
🎓 Certification Diploma in Web Design
🎓 Certificate in Digital Marketing Foundations

👩‍💻 Adobe Creative Suite Proficiency
👩‍💻 Microsoft Office Suite Proficiency
👩‍💻 WordPress Proficiency
👩‍💻 Elementor Proficiency
👩‍💻 Wix Proficiency

🛠️ Problem-Solving
🛠️ Attention to Detail
🛠️ Planning and Coordination
🛠️ Multitasking Abilities
🛠️ Interpersonal Communication
🛠️ Self-Motivated


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meet Sandra

Meet Sandra, a talented brand designer and photographer with a passion for creating captivating visuals. Growing up and fascinated with drawing, Sandra developed an early interest in the creative arts and pursued a degree in computer graphics. After several years of working in the industry, she realized her true passion was in photography, and decided to merge her design skills with her love for capturing beautiful moments.


As a brand designer, Sandra works closely with businesses to create unique and visually compelling brand identities that accurately represent their values and vision. Her design approach is focused on simplicity and clarity, allowing brands to communicate their message effectively and leave a lasting impression on their audience.


As a photographer, Sandra has a keen eye for detail and an innate ability to capture the essence of her subjects. She specializes in portrait and lifestyle photography, working with clients to create images that tell their story and showcase their personality. Her style is natural, warm, and timeless, and her images are always infused with a sense of authenticity and intimacy.

Whether she’s designing a logo, creating a brand style guide, or capturing a special moment on camera, Sandra brings her passion and creativity to every project she works on. She is committed to delivering exceptional results and building lasting relationships with her clients, and takes great pride in helping them achieve their goals.

🎨 Graphic Design Proficiency (brand development, logos, flyers, brochures, trade show graphics, etc.)
🎨 Website Design Proficiency (front-end WordPress development with Elementor, Wix, bootstrap, etc.)
🎨 Brand Photography Proficiency (headshots, portraits, product)
🎨 Photo Editing Proficiency (retouching, photo-compositing, masking, etc.)

Sandra also holds a sweet spot for 🐈 cats, 🐕 dogs, and her White Rock 🏖️ beachfront playground she walks to within 5-minutes.

Graphic design is a reflection of society and culture. It can portray people and events, and can express issues in today's world. The journey and impact can be as positive as you decide.
Sandra Dee Adamack
graphic designer

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It’s always awesome to connect with local small business owners. I look forward to helping our White Rock business community with my knowledge and support.


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