What to bring on a Brand Photography Session

Brand Photography
for your online presence

By Sandra Dee Adamack, Photographer & Brand Strategist

Brand photography is an essential part of any business, especially as a tool used with social media.

How many times have you wanted to post on Facebook or Instagram and then halt in your tracks because you cannot find an image that quite fits what you want to express to your followers. Having a photo collection ready to be used when you pre-plan your social posts is a great way to offer your clients consistency with your brand. Here are some other reasons why you need a brand photography session for 2020.

 Reputation Management (increase reviews)
 Visual Content (share who you really are)
 Showcase Unique Services (set your business apart from your competitors)
 Create a Buzz (generate personalized engagement)
 Grow your Following (who will become loyal customers)

Client: Sylvie LaBillois of @StyleBySylvie on Instagram.

What you absolutely need for your Brand Photography Session

Preparation is key to a successful Brand Photography Session
Putting thought into your photo shoot plan is the most important factor to ensure that you will get the most of your Brand Photography Session. Storyboards can be created to make a clear step-by-step photography plan. No need to be a trained artist … stick figures are totally fine for sketching your ideas. It all starts with an idea, and in no time you will acquire a flow of ideas.
A list of props should be collected as well before packing everything up for “The Day”. Perhaps pack your items together with the help of bags to get the party going, and near the end you can mix and match your props to create additional scenes for your social media artwork.
If you’re needing models, all their arrangements should be locked down before the day of the shoot. Model releases, fittings, accessories, hair & makeup, and wardrobe should be gathered beforehand. Signed model releases are necessary for photos to be taken of the models, no matter who they are (friends, family, neighbors, work colleagues, etc … ). Location releases might be necessary as well. You would need to inquire, ahead of time, about your location availability, and what permissions you can have with the photographs taken. Some locations may not be available to be featured in other’s photos.
A weather report is an essential confirmation for any outdoor Brand Photography Session. You might be seeking a certain type of sky to appear in your photos, or a few drips of rain to shine up your cityscape street photography scenery. A great weather report should give you enough time to confirm your session success.
During your photo shoot, people come forward asking questions about your products or services. It’s always good to be ready with some business cards or promo offer on the fly. You’ll thank me later for reminding you about this.
“Build brand, Build trust”

I have helped brand a few people in my day. I remember back to a female impersonator in the Vancouver area. She had no presence locally, so we created her brand.

High-end posters and gorgeous imagery adorned her promotional materials as she grew her following in the Downtown Vancouver area nightlife spots. I photographed her, edited her photos, and designed her brand.

Sometimes it takes a lot of time to create a brand, and sometimes it doesn’t. Depending on what you already have in mind, what your brand appears like at present, and where you want to take it … the end results are usually stunning and surpass the expected. I enjoy taking the time it takes to get to know you, your products or services, and know your “W-H-Y”. Having studied in computer graphics & graphic design, self-taught in photography with help from mentors and fellow photographers, and eagerly learning as much about marketing as there can be to know … I mix all these talents to create your best brand ever.

Sandra Dee Adamack
Photographer & Brand Strategist

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