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Long-term planning and goal setting to create your devoted tribe of humans. Corporate branding, social media branding and strategic planning to increase engagement through social media and website blog.



revive, refresh, and engage

The plan


Spruce up your blog, begin the adventure of communication. There is a lot to convey through a blog, and it’s great for SEO purposes too.


This platform is a perfect spot for visual communicating and micro-blogging. Posts can be filled with SEO-rich content, and the most beautiful pictures will stop a person’s scroll.


A great mix of a little of everything, Facebook has a lot to offer, and to a wide range of demographics. There’s even an opportunity to create a group following if you’ve got a moderator.

What Our Customers say


Sandra helped me get my website going…very helpful!

Andrew Newman


Sandra helped me set up my printer to my new computer. Thank you Sandra, you were great!!! I will recommend you anytime.

Loretta Jones


Sandra is the most professional and wonderful photographer I have ever used. My children were very camera shy and Sandra went above and beyond to ensure they were comfortable with her, then she could get the shots we wanted. Myself and my family were very happy with her on a personal and professional level. The outcome of the pictures when I received them, (very quick turnaround) were amazing! I will definitely be referring people to Sandra and will also hire her time and time again.

Basically, hire this lady she is AMAZING!!!

Anita Hickman


Excited to share my updated and much better looking coaching worksheet courtesy of fellow Commoner Sandra Dee Adamack Dee Graphiques

Next time you find yourself working through a difficult time, this worksheet can help you sort your thoughts and feelings.

If the challenge you’re facing is better Graphics, then just call Sandra! LOL!

Elizabeth Klein


Sandra has a creative view that can deliver outside the usual. Yet, unlike many creative people, she is concerned with discovering and producing the client’s vision.

Corinne Friesen


I met Sandra Dee Adamack back in my early days starting out as a model and we collabed in portrait meetup groups when I was one of the models and she was one of the photographers. My first impressions of Sandra was that she was lovely, caring and friendly. I remember there was one time I fell and scraped my knee while modelling in Stanley Park and she was one of the photographers that was caring and had the vested interest that it was taken care of with first aid. In 2014, when I went to film school at Langara College for Acting, I put it out there that I needed a graphic designer for a movie poster. She was such a lifesaver to respond and create a beautiful, immaculate poster of me for the film I was starring in. Honestly, I felt amazing with that poster, it really boosted my morale and confidence the night of the films debut when it was framed up on the wall with the rest of our films. Sandra was so accommodating to the needs of me and my director and the way we wanted the poster to look. She even gave us various options of the poster in the way we had voiced and she even added her own twist and ideas and spent time making a few versions for us to choose a final one from. We were on a tight film budget and probably underpaid her at around $84 for her time and she did amazing, I was very pleased with the movie poster. I remember when she first unveiled it to us and it was exactly what I had wanted only she made it come to life. I have many photos if anyone wants to check her work out including the creative versions we didn’t use. Feel free to message me, you will get your money’s worth! Thank you Sandra Dee Adamack! <3 You have great skills and you are a wonderful, kind person! It has been a pleasure working with you :). Darleen

Darlene Diana Fong

Choose Your PLAN

Pick a plan that best fits your budget and goals. “Blog & Share” and “Instagram+Facebook” plans offer a 3-month strategy to start. “Brand Photography” plan has Hair and Makeup services available for an additional cost.


blog &



Blog Content

Facebook sharing

2 Weekly Posts (500 words)

Likes, Comments

1-Hour Brand Photography per month




Instagram Content

Facebook Content

Daily Posts

Likes, Comments, Direct Messages

1-Hour Brand Photography per month




4.5 Hours On-Location Photo Session

Portraits, Products, Location

Includes editing, retouching, filters

HMU available at additional cost.

Props & Wardrobe not included.


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